Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Super Teacher Booth, Decorating With Mini Chalkboards and Blue Pompoms + Lanterns

The last week of September was declared Education Week at the university which happens to be funny because October is officially International Teacher Appreciation Month. We took the time off and moved our activities from the classroom to the backfield. 

I helped out the seniors with some booth designs and suggested to adapt the #superteacher theme. We also added more character with mini-chalkboards and created blue pompoms as well as blue and white Japanese lanterns. The result?- A floating haven of blue right in the side of a muddy backfield. 

Juliet brought her ribbons with her and sold them at really affordable prices. To check out more of her creations, visit Jam's Ribbon on Facebook.

Like our blue pompoms? We just learned to do that a day before! Where did we learn it? From a tutorial on YouTube! (Sshh don't tell!)

Of course our friend Biboy  also brought his blue and white Japanese garden lanterns which made quite a huge difference with the decor. 

And what's a teacher's best tool for teaching? Enter chalkboards! 

We used mini-chalkboards to tie it up to the Education theme.

You will never guess but this one is Pinterest inspired.  We also used mini clothespins.

Finally, this is for all the #superteachers out there. 

Did I mention that it was a contest? We won by the way. 

I've been seeing a lot of these all over the place. You might want to do this too. Have a fabulous International Teacher Appreciation Month! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Teacher Wishes: Portable Speakers

There was a time when teachers only needed chalk and blackboard to teach.

These days, the methods are as diverse and a teacher has to engage a student’s interest in the best way possible. This means that there should be varied teaching instruction such as using multimedia and other forms of authentic instructional materials like art.

I enjoy introducing kids to music and video that are appropriate for my class topics. Thus, for a big class of 45 Grade 8 students, I need some help when it comes to audio materials. This is where portable speakers come in. It will help if I have audio and video files to introduce to the students when there are new topics and lessons to discuss and  it will help to arouse their interest as well.

Young learners are drawn to music and videos and perhaps someday I can use these to make their learning experiences more interactive. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Teacher Wishes: Teacher Stamps

Photo from Bee Happy Facebook
Maybe it’s not only elementary school teachers who should be investing in teacher stamps but also those teaching in the seventh up to tenth grade. I don’t have teacher stamps but would definitely appreciate them if they came my way.

I find that praising a student’s work goes a long way. Simple things like “Good Job!” or “Checked” can actually make a student feel special and it lets them know that you've read or gone through their work. Just like anybody, students want to also hear feedback and would want to improve on their performance when they have the chance.

As an ESL teacher, I give writing prompts frequently and encounter the occasional misspelled words, grammatical errors and misuse of punctuation and capitalization errors. However, seeing all these corrections made by my red pen can feel discouraging. A mark or a stamp that inspires my student may well change the impression and even give proper motivation. 

What are your teacher wishes? Leave a comment below! Have a lovely weekend! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Teacher Fashion: Picks From Bad Teacher

Just some piece of advice, although Cameron Diaz was hilarious in Bad Teacher, her behaviour as a teacher is definitely not to be followed. However, even if the film was intended to be for laughs, her style was indeed serious.

Not a lot of women teachers have long legs and captivating eyes like Cameron’s, but we can definitely take some notes! All throughout, she impersonates killer heels and sexy legs, punctuating her character as a “bad teacher”, but there are a few wearable too.

The inspiration from her teacher fashion that made the grade were sky high Loubotins, biker jackets and oh those gorgeous legs.